Boi Negres – Kay

It had been raining.  And raining.  Our spirits were a little damp as well.  No clinic that day so…we packed up in the faithful little Toyota land cruiser ambulance with a backpack full of meds and snacks and headed out, under grey skies, albeit. We had decided we wanted to explore a remote impoverished area, […]

Oriani Clinic – Kay

Clinic stuff… A man came in with his hand barely dangling together by a bit of sinew-his renter had apparently got mad at him and tried to cut his hand off, but hadn’t entirely succeeded.  The helicopter would have come to pick him up but there were too many clouds right then so, the ambulance […]

Oriani Clinic Report – Matthew

  The rain is loudly descending on our tin roof and the clinic is finished for the day.  It finally feels like I have some time to write!  I know it is high time for me to give an update about Confidence Health Center.  It’s been quite a year for my family and I.   […]

Transition Time

Our family has been planning on turning the day to day administration of the clinic over to another couple named Matt and Sheri Giesbrecht from Belico California. They arrived in June and have been studying creole and learning the ropes here. We feel so blessed and it seems they are a great fit. Matt is […]

Brother Cyclone

“Brother Cyclone.  That’s what some of the Haitians are now calling my fellow administrator Matthew Giesbrecht. The hurricane and he both share the same name.”   I don’t want to bore you with details that you have seen and heard before so I hardly know how to write. And… words can’t describe it. At least mine […]

March Update

“A view of Haiti’s mountain ranges from the top of Pic la Selle, Haiti.”   Hello from my favorite chair in Oriani, Haiti. Happy Easter! May we all live with the resurrected Jesus in our lives. We are a little exhausted with all the activity lately. It’s been a busy time getting ready for Easter. […]

November 25

When we first came to Haiti in 2010, it was easier to write stories about the clinic, about how terrible the people live, and about the miracles and wonders that happen here on a frequent basis (both physically and spiritually). But the longer we are here the harder it is to write. This has puzzled […]

God’s Promise

Rainbows are frequent here and are a vivid reminder of God’s promises to us. I would love to have you spend a week here to see the Oriani clinic, have devotions with us, experience the bustle, see the patient suffering of the patients, take in the many varied smells J, and experience the blessings etc. […]

Of Economics

Haiti… the “Pearl of the Antilles”, a land of beauty, a land of many problems, a land of contradictions. A people that freely give verbal credit to God for most everything, a people who are burdened with many superstitions. A people who are not materialistic but have many material needs. A culture that is so […]

The Country is Weeping

The country is weeping. The lips are the Haitian flag. A street artist spray painted this on a tree trunk in Port au Prince. Two weeks ago this pic was on a Haitian news site after 325 violent prisoners had a jailbreak. To those of you who have been asking for an update on the […]